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Reports and Studies

ACER has produced, translated and published in both Albanian and English language hundreds of books, booklets, and manuals.
Starting from 1996 ACER is a partner of Fraser Institute (Canada) Network of policy institutes in providing country data for annual Index of Economic Freedom (www.fraserinstitute.org).

Among ACER publications and contributions could be  mentioned the following selected documents:

Recent Reports and Studies

Promoting Cooperation Between Civil Society Actors in the Fight Against Corruption (Local Report)

The fight against corruption continues to be among the main governance challenges when talking about Eastern Europe and in particular the Western Balkans.This report aims to study corruption at the local level, identifying the specific problems that citizens encounter in their daily lives and on this basis formulating some modest recommendations valid for local governing […]

Promoting Cooperation Between Civil Society Actors in the Fight Against Corruption

This report studies corruption at the local level with the aim of identifying the specific problems that the citizens of the three secondary cities of Albania, Kosovo and Serbia encounter in their daily lives and on this basis the formulation of some recommendations and the extraction of best practices of one country against another. For […]

Illicit Financial Flows and Disinformation in Southeast Europe

Policy Brief Southeast Europe (SEE) remains one of the most vulnerable soft targets for the Kremlin’s ongoing hybrid war against the European Union and the democratic West. The combination of state and media capture, simmering ethnic divisions both between and within countries, and the legacy of Russian cognitive bias all make the region vulnerable to […]

Breaking the Code: Russian and Chinese Disinformation and Illicit Financial Flows in Southeast Europe

The following report provides an in-depth assessment of the methods, scope, and goals of media capture tactics and illicit financial operations in eight Balkan states: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. It reveals the extent to which the web of media interference and dirty money undermines democracy and Euro-Atlantic […]

Anti-Corruption Bulletin (2023)

This report with key conclusions and policy recommendations about anti-corruption and  integrity of the public procurement systems in nine SEE countries, is prepared from The Regional Good Governance Public-Private Partnership Platform (R2G4P)’s. Albanian Center for Economic Research, ACER contributed as member of R2G4P Platform, with authors Dr. Zef Preci, and  Eliona Lloja.  Check: ACER_Buletini Anti-Korrupsion-EN ACER_Buletini […]

Regional Economic Cooperation in V4 and WB6: Sharing Experience and Knowledge in the Context of Common Regional Market and post-COVID Recovery (2022)

The study “Regional Economic Cooperation in V4 and WB6: Sharing Experience and Knowledge in the Context of Common Regional Market and post-COVID Recovery” has been prepared in the framework of the project ” V4 support to promote WB6 Common Regional Market: one market for postCOVID recovery” (01/10/2021 – 30/09/2022), which was supported by the International […]

Exploring Civil Society Organizations-Business Partnerships in the Context of Albania (2022)

The study “Exploring Civil Society Organizations-Business Partnerships in the context of Albania ” was prepared from Albanian Center for Economic Development. The study was  developed with the support of the Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN), within the scope of activities foreseen through the MoU between BCSDN and the CSO Partnership for DevelopmentEffectiveness (CPDE), funded by the European Commission, […]

Evaluation of Non-profit Organization in the Municipality of Kukes, with the purpose to Increase Visibility and Good Environmental Managmet (2022)

The purpose of this study “Evaluation of Non-profit Organization in the Municipality of Kukes, with the purpose to Increase Visibility and Good Environmental Managmet ” was to evaluate local NGOs in Kukës, with the aim of increasing the visibility of good environmental management and their promotion as a good opportunity for cooperation in future projects. […]

Reintegration of Returnees from Emigration and Investment for them in Albania (2021)

This study report “Reintegration of returnees from emigration and investment for them in Albania”, is prepared by ACER, in the framework of the RE-IN-VEST project, where it has recorded 20 cases of success and best practices of returnees and their reintegration into society. The project was implemented by World Vision Albania and Diakonia Agapes Foundation, […]

Përmbledhja e gjetjeve kryesore të vrojtimit të Turistëve, Grupeve të Fokusuara dhe Numërimit të Turistëve (2021)

Raporti Final “Përmbledhja e gjetjeve kryesore të vrojtimit të turistëve, grupeve të fokusuara dhe numërimit të turistëve, 2021” është përgatitur nga Qendra Shqiptare për Kërkime Ekonomike (QSHKE) me mbështetjen e Fondit Shqiptar të Zhvillimit (FSHZH) në kuadër të zbatimit të Projektit për Zhvillimin e Integruar Urban dhe Turizmin (PZHIUT). Ky vrojtim, analiza dhe rekomandimet që […]

Analysis: The institutional and Legal Framework for the Management of Water Resources in Albania (2021)

Analysis: The institutional and legal framework for the management of water resources in Albania, 2021 Management of water resources in Kukës Municipality  Water management in Albania is based on a comprehensive approach, where users, planners and policy makers of all levels participate. This analysis aims to provide information regarding the institutional and legal view of […]

Summary of Tourist Survey, Focus Group Findings and Tourist Counting (2020)

Final Report “Summary of the main findings of the tourist survey, focused groups and counting of tourists, 2020” was prepared by KSHKE with the support of the Albanian Development Fund (ADFDF) within the framework of the implementation of the UDP. This review, the analysis and recommendations contained in this document represent the opinions of the […]

Summary of Tourist Survey, Focus Group Findings and Tourist Counting (2019)

Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) contracted by the Albanian Development Fund (ADF) conducted a tourist survey in 9 areas in which the Project for Integrated Urban and Tourism Development (PIUTD) is being implemented, as well as four focus group discussions in 4 preselected urban centers within the framework of the project, in cooperation with […]

Ethics in The Education System in Albania (2017)

This research report is prepared by Albanian Center for Economic Research(ACER) in the framework of Education Program in Albania led by Mary Ward Loreto Foundation. This research report presents a complete overview of issues in Albanian education at all high levels, from preschool to higher education. The report explores the perceptions of teachers, parents and […]

Calculation of the Vital Minimum (2016)

Albania is the only country in Europe that does not have a declared minimum living wage. Trade unions, other non-governmental organizations and the institution of the People’s Advocate have made continuous requests over the years to officially announce the minimum vital, but they have not received any answer, or even an official statement about it […]

The National Business Agenda (2017)

The National Business Agenda (NBA) is an Albanian initiative and a means of communicating in an open, constructive, and professional way with the government on the priorities of the business community in Albania. The document was prepared by over 100 regional business organizations, and it was drafted through the joint contribution of a Albanian Center […]

The Manual on Public Interest Protection(2009)

The Manual “On the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in Public Procurement” is one of the most indispensable mechanisms aiming to respect the rules of cooperation and contracts between public institutions and private economic operators. Check the manual: Explanatory and Training    

Public Perception Regarding the Participation of Women in Elections in Albania (2008)

National and international commitments to women can only be met if gender-responsive accountability systems exist not just on paper, but in reality. “Accountability from a women’s rights perspective exists when all women are able to get explanations from those in power for actions that affect them, and can set in motion corrective actions – such […]

Identification of Existing Opportunities for Vocational Training for Returning Migrants in Albania: Gaps and Recommendations (2008)

This national survey on the identification of existing vocational training opportunities for returned migrants in Albania was created and conducted as part of ongoing activities by the Government of Albania and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to implement the National Strategy for Migration 2005-20091. The survey forms part of the project: “Support to the […]

Other Publications from 1992

The below publications are available in hard copy. If interested contact us at e-mail address:  acer.alb@acer.org.al