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National and international commitments to women can only be met if gender-responsive accountability systems exist not just on paper, but in reality. “Accountability from a women’s rights perspective exists when all women are able to get explanations from those in power for actions that affect them, and can set in motion corrective actions – such as voting – when those responsible fail to promote their rights.”

In conducting the survey “Public Perception of Women’s Participation in Elections in Albania”, ACER and ASET attempted to measure people’s perceptions of the above quote and concept, and its application in Albania. The survey focused on two main issues: (1) viewing voting practices with a gender lens – understanding how and why men and women vote; and (2) people’s perceptions of women’s participation in election as voters and as candidates and in positions of decision-making.

This publication is prepared by: Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) and Albanian Social Economic Forum (ASET) with the support of the Development Fund of the United Nations for Women – UNIFEM

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English: Public perception of women’s participation in elections in albania

Albanian: Perceptimi Publik ne Lidhje me Pjesemarrjen e Grave ne zgjedhje ne Shqiperi

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