April 8th 2021: SELDI - Webinar - Zoom Platform "Anticorruption Reforms in the Western Balkans"

SELDI’s annual anti-corruption forum, held on 8 April 2021, discussed the anti-corruption agenda of the Western Balkans for the next decade. During the event, the SELDI initiative presented its latest Regional Anticorruption Report, which provides a bi-annual multifactor assessment of the corruption vulnerabilities and anti-corruption capacity of the region.

SELDI’s Regional Anti-corruption Report presents the civil society’s assessment of the regulatory and institutional factors enabling corruption in the Western Balkans region and emphasises some of the priority policy issues. SELDI’s monitoring tools provide data on the changes in the actual proliferation of two types of corruption – administrative corruption (bribery), which affects individuals and businesses, and state capture (grand corruption) affecting the functioning of democratic institutions and the government.

November 20th 2020: SELDI - Webinar - Zoom Platform
"Hidden economy in the Western Balkans "

According to SELDI’s Hidden Employment Index between 2016 and 2019, hidden employment has increased in five out of the six Western Balkans countries. Serbia is the only country which shows a decline since 2016, while Kosovo* remains the country with the highest hidden employment share.
More at: https://seldi.net/news-and-events/hidden-economy-in-the-western-balkans-challenges-and-lessons-for-economic-recovery-and-convergence/

2020: SELDI - OCTOBER 30th - Webinar - Zoom Platform

SELDI will discuss the topic of “State Capture: Bridging the Gap between Diagnostics and Practical Solutions in the Western Balkans” at a webinar held on 30 October 2020, from 10:00 CET. In case you are interested to participate, please register at: https://t.co/Ynp6dIFtD5

2020: CBC Albania-Kosovo, Clean Water Project in Gjakova and Kukes

ACER held an informative meeting on 23 October 2020, 11:00, regarding the "Clean Water Project in Gjakova and Kukes" with representatives of non-profit organizations of Kukes Region, via Google Meet Platform. This project is part of the Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) programme between Albania-Kosovo and is implemented by a consortium of non-governmental organization: SHE-ERA (lead partner in Kosovo) and ACER (local partner in Albania, also of local unit governments: Municipality of Gjakova (Kosovo) and Municipality of Kukes (Albania). The project has started implementation from January 2020 and will be finalized in December 2022. Click in the title for the informative leaflet of the project.

2020: Participation and Presentation on World Vision Albania Conference

Presentation of final report: "Study on services and assistance provided to returnees at the local level, in 13 municipalities of Albania!"

2016: Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Albania and in SEE: Monitoring Results and the Way Forward

On 12 May 2016, the Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) presented the findings of Corruption Assessment Report (CAR) 2016 for Albania, prepared under the SELDI project. The Corruption Monitoring System Results for Albanina, 2016 indicate that almost one in two Albanian adult citizens admit to being demanded directly or indirectly to bribe public officials (49.6 %). Respectively, this shows a worsening of around 5 percentage points compared to the study of 2014. This indicates that there has been a self-addmitted increase of the corruption pressure from public officials on citizens. Consequently, the involvement of citizens in corruption has also marginally increased. There is a small increase with 1 percentage point of respondents that admit to giving a bribe to public officials, compared to two years ago.

2014: Roundtable presentation of Corruption Assessment Report (CAR) Albania

On 24 October 2014 the Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) in collaboration with the House of Europe (HoE), organized a round-table to present the Albanian Corruption Assessment Report, prepared under the SLEDI project and to further validate the findings and recommendations of this report. The discussion focused on the main findings of the Albanian Corruption Assessment report and the survey conducted at the beginning of 2014, by using the SELDI Corruption Monitoring System methodology.

2014: SELDI Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges, Albania

On 13 – 14 November 2014 in Tirana, Albania, the Southeast Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI) network, in cooperation with the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI), the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and the Ministry of State on Local Issues of Albania co-organized the Regional Conference on Good Governance and Anti-corruption Policy Challenges. The first day was dedicated to Monitoring Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: Policy Challenges and the Role of Civil Society. The second day focused on Preventing Corruption by assessing its Risks.