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On 12 May 2016 SELDI’s partners, the Albanian Centre for Economic Research (ACER) and House of Europe, in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia presented the results of the SELDI Corruption Monitoring System in Albania 2016, in a policy conference, dedicated to the issue of anticorruption and good governance in South-Eastern Europe. The conference brought together representatives of civil society, public sector and European institutions, to discuss the findings of the survey, implemented for the fourth time in Albania, and the engagement of all relevant stakeholders in the fight against corruption. The conference served to introduce and bring to the attention of relevant stakeholders the main pillars of a future Mobilisation of the Civil Society in a mutual Strategy and Program on Governance and Anticorruption till 2020.

Mr Zef Preci, Executive Director of ACER, welcomed all participants and expressed his pleasure on the noticeable public support for the judicial reform in the country. At the same time he showed concern about the unchanged presence of the corruption phenomenon as an obstacle to democracy, and the wellbeing of citizens. Mr. Ruslan Stefanov, Director of the Economic Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy, noted that fighting corruption is a process that needs time. He emphasized that the active participation of citizens penalizes corruption and is one of the best monitoring methods in the region. Ms. Brunilda Kosta, Consultant at the Albanian Center for Economic Research highlighted that the current situation of corruption in Albania has deteriorated compared with 2014, while the cases of bribery have increased with 5%, according to the SELDI Corruption Monitoring System. One in every two Albanians has admitted that bribes were demanded from public officials directly or indirectly. The groups perceived as most corrupted are judges, customs officers, prosecutors, political parties and leaders of the ruling coalition. Despite the actions and reforms undertaken by the government against corruption the citizens’ confidence towards these measures has reached the lowest level in the last 15 years.

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Leaflet: Main Findings of the Corruption Monitoring System 2016  English Albanian



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