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ASER – a scientific magazine which has been published since 1994 by the Albanian Center for Economic Research

About ASER

The Albanian Socio-Economic Review (ASER)  is a scientific magazine published by the Albanian Center for Economic Research. 


Initially, this publication was dedicated to promoting the development of free market economic policies and invited all researchers, experts in various fields and its supporters to express their opinions and assessments, through various writings, about economic and social developments. of Albania in the first decade of the transition towards the market economy and free society.


Later, reflecting the socio-economic developments of Albania, the magazine was named “Albanian Social Economic Magazine”, which is still published with a frequency of 6 months.

The writings published in this magazine by experts in various fields have been free, uncensored and have reflected different viewpoints and ideas on the development of social-economic processes that have accompanied the Albanian reality in these 30 years of this publication.

Aim and Scope

The objectives of ASER are to foster scientific debate and promote effective proposals mainly in the economic and social issues, through papers with a high academic quality.

The ASER journal issues covers various topics regarding the research, practice in economic and social field, like: Economic Development; Financial Markets; Savings and Capital Investment; Corporate Finance and Governance; Fiscal and Monetary Policy; Unemployment; Social security; Tourism development; Fight against corruption; Economic-Sociology; Informal economy; entrepreneurship management, etc.

ASER publishes fourth times per year. The main goal is to promote high level research papers with a focus on economic and social field. The quality of the journal is continuously improved through peer-review of the articles and the comments of the editorial team regarding the content of the paper and the presentation form.


Latest Journals

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