Albanian Centre for Economic Research is the first Albanian independent non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1992. ACER is highly dedicated to foster and accelerate Albania’s socio-economic transition and development. more…

ACER seeks to promote economic reform in Albania by conducting independent research on social-economic issues and assisting in the creation of an adequate institutional framework for fundamentals reforms …more

• To promote the development of the free market and develop the relevant associated economic policies;
from the public;
• To develop an interdisciplinary research institute  …more

Judiciary in the Western Balkans, SELDI, December 2020

Just published, the Policy Brief on Judiciary in the WB's countries. Also, key points can be found in the Albanian language:

Ongoing project    SELDI

2018 – 2022

Civil Society for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in SEE: Capacity Building for Monitoring, Advocacy and Awareness Raising

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“Hidden economy in the Western Balkans 2020: Trends and Policy Options”

“State Capture Assessment Diagnostics in the Western Balkans 2020”

English: “The new approach on enlargement: good ideas in need of a captain”

Albanian: “Qasja e re për zgjerimin: idetë e mira në nevojë për një kapiten”

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