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Project: Project for Integrated Urban and Tourism Development (PIUTD)

 “Primary Data Collection, Development of Mid-Term and End Follow up Surveys, Assessment of PDO findings achievement in the framework of PIUTD”

In the framework of the implementation of the PIUTD, the final Report “Summary of tourist survey, focus group findings and tourist counting, 2020” has been prepared by ACER with the support of the Albanian Development Fund (ADF). This report is presented in 5 main chapters.The first chapter presents a description of the 2020 Tourist Survey regarding the aim and the methodology used; The second chapter analyzes the Findings of the Tourist Survey, 2020, while comparing the data with the survey of 2019, 2018 and the baseline study of 2016; The third chapter describes the Findings on the Focus Group Discussions; meanwhile the Tourist Counting Findings in 9 tourist destinations included in the project are presented in chapter 4 (four); and the conclusions and recommendations drawn from the 2020 Tourist Survey and focus group discussions can be found in Chapter 5 (five).

Check the reports:

English: PIUTD_ACER_-ADF_ENG_-Final-Report-2020_Summary-of-Tourist-Survey

Albanian: PZHIUT_ACER_-ADF_ALB_Raport-Final-2020_Permbledhja-e-gjetjeve-kryesore-te-Vrojtimi-te-Turisteve

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