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Considering mass media an important element of public communication and democratic development, we strive to foster active citezenship and influence policy makers, in order to contribe toward a more democratic and prosperous country.

About Mr. Preci in Media


Mr. Preçi, being also in the direction of ACER for a long time, modestly has offered his contribution as a conductor of free speech. He consider public apprearance in the media as a mission to encourage active citezenship, and influence policy makers. His approach is through a professional, independent opinions, and apparently motivated by public interest.

As media is often under pressure from the government and bussinesses interests, it is difficult to access uncensored and free information. Also,  at a time when information is more abundant than ever before and in the absence of a quality information, Mr.Preci has contributed since 1991 on rasing awareness of the among citizens and increasing pressure on the governments for reforms. The impartiality of his positions is reflected in the outputs in a relatively high number of media present in our country and the most prestigious ones in the region.

In the published comments and analyzes,  as well as in study reports or in many of his writings, Mr. Preçi has analyzed the permanent crisis of the Albanian economy up to the current so-called “reforms”,  such as the dangers of the fiscal amnesty proposed by the government since 1998 and brought back to the table of laws with insistence during the last two years. Despite that, has also highlightened the “silent” fiscal amnesty which is “de facto” being implemented by the government, the price crisis and problems with domestic production, corruption in public institutions as among the main causes of poverty and unemployment, the standard low standard of living of the majority of citizens, the deep social polarization of the country and the erosion of the state budget from corrupt and non-competitive procurements, public-private partnership type contracts, the causes of the absence or de-Europeanization of foreign investments (the departure and the non-arrival of those from EU countries), the risks brought by the legalization of cannabis “for medical purposes”, the risks associated with the high level of informality and interest rates, the growing threats from public debt, the risks of careless interventions in fiscal policies , the problems related to the “scandal of the century” – the incinerator affair, which, among other things, were contracted at unjustified and inflated costs, the unstoppable aggression of the oligarchy to steal everything from the public sector, clearly distorting the competition in the markets and made the country less attractive for foreign direct investments (FDI).

Attempts to contribute to the promotion of the response of public opinion have also been for other social-political problems, such as: the need for balancing decision-making mechanisms of political parties, the lack of the tradition of separation of powers within them and the need to adopt the good practices from democratic countries in this field, the promotion of universal support for the reform in justice, the support of the process of decriminalization of power and the calls for a vetting of the leading political elite to curb corruption in the governance of the country, the need for realistic social policies, as well as for the improvement of the basic public services of the state as a way to prevent the abandonment of the country.



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April 29, 2023

Albania’s big losses in Arbitration | Money
Payment of obligations is inevitable, we are paying and let’s not forget that if the Albanian state tries to suspend payments after it has exhausted the possibility of negotiating the conflict, after it has exhausted the request for annulment of the decision, after it has exhausted all legal means and the decision is of the cut form, it will lead to ridiculous situations where the accounts of the Albanian state abroad might be blocked.

April 28, 2023

Albania and region need to diversify renewable sources to have energy security, experts say
Zef Preci of the Albanian Center for Economic Research stressed the need for diversification of resources and region-wide policies, stating that “without quitting globalism, we need to look at domestic and regional policies first to improve the situation.” He also noted the importance of securing enough fossil fuel domestically and regionally while the global crisis persists.

April 27, 2023

“Euro in abundance on the eve of elections, currency in historic decline”
The factors mentioned by public authorities also find a place in the explanations of economists. But they add that the source of the high supply in foreign currency is also dictated by informal sources, including the electoral campaign for the May 14 local elections.

Zef Preçi, who leads the Albanian Center for Economic Research, also analyzes other factors that are dictating the appreciation of the European currency in our country.

April 26, 2023



“A2 Business from Aurora Sulçe – 26/04/2023”
The economic situation that the country is going through and the problems that business shows in this particular case, a number of the most reputable chambers in Albania speak of an imbalance of external and internal problems. External problems do not directly affect countries like ours, the fundamental problem lies in the tense relations between the government and the business community.

April 24, 2023

“Zef Preçi: Patriotic smoke on international arbitration”
The definition of confidentiality in the draft law in question raises big questions, it increases doubts about the risk of non-transparent judicial agreements. Moreover, our justice system, including the new institutions in this system created in the framework of the justice reform , it’s still incredible

April 24, 2023

“Wrong policies increased prices / Xhemollari: Businesses have abused, monitoring is missing”
Economic experts charge the government with responsibility for wrong monetary policies which, according to them, have led to a significant increase in the prices of products in the market, which has also led to a decrease in consumption. They say that businesses have abused the prices due to the lack of controls by state institutions.

April 24, 2023

“Electricity exchange, incomplete without private companies” – Preçi: Only public companies participate. Private individuals skeptical because of policies
The Albanian Electricity Exchange is incomplete without the participation of private companies”. The economic expert, Zef Preçi, comments on the launch of the operation of this instrument with the development of the first auction on April 11, where only public energy companies are members.

March 30, 2023

The government decides to increase the average salary, how will it affect the budget?
From April 1, the minimum wage will increase by 40,000 lek, while Prime Minister Rama announced the day before that the government’s goal is for the average wage to go up to 900 euros within this one year. But how will this government decision affect the budget? Economic expert Zef Preçi spoke about this in “Ditar”.

April 3, 2023

Remuneration for pensioners 5000 ALL, salaries and promises/ Preçi: The mentality must be changed
“It must be said that in the context of the beginning of an electoral campaign, not yet officially, in the interest of the citizens, it is important to take stock of what was promised and what was realized. at the same time, those in power articulate new ideas for continuity and those who claim to take power articulate the main axes of their promises”, says Mr. Zef Preçi.

April 5, 2023

Preçi: Rama’s promises for salary increase, electoral goals
Prime Minister Edi Rama’s promise to increase salaries in a certain sector, initially in the education sector, for the economy expert, Zef Preçi, should be equal to the productivity in the respective sector. In “MCN live”, Preçi estimates that, nevertheless, the government’s promise is based on a strong electoral contest.

April 5, 2023

Investigations! The connection with Olsi Rama. Fraud with Call Center, how citizens in Europe lost millions of euros
The show ‘On target’, this Wednesday, dealt with the fraud that came through Call Center platforms, where Spanish investigations showed that citizens in this country lost millions of euros. But what was the connection of Amant Josif, the most wanted person today by justice in Europe, with Olsi Rama, the brother of Prime Minister Rama and with the former Minister of Defense Olta Xhaçka, where Josif had served as an advisor. And what the investigations in several countries of the European Union revealed.

April 7, 2023

Are PPPs endangering the country’s economy? – Preçi: It remains a worrying phenomenon, it deserves attention!
In the projection of the World Bank, concessionary contracts with Public Private Partnerships are having a negative impact, endangering the Albanian economy. According to economic expert Zef Preçi, this phenomenon is becoming even more threatening for the economy.

April 7, 2023

Prof. Zef Preçi: The attitude of the government towards international arbitration – reflection
Recognizing the (im)power of the Albanian government, especially in the international arena, especially where the USA is a party and even more so the “first violin”, but also the role of the brainwashing propaganda that this government produces in bulk, I never believe that it can achieve until the denunciation of the ICSID Convention. That is, everything that is said publicly about this topic is valid until the invention of the next toy, some fairy tale with Russian, Chinese funding, etc., or until sending behind bars for “personal responsibility” some very high official already on the waiting list…

April 7, 2023

Zef Preçi: Why Albania cannot denounce the Court of Arbitration of the World Bank! The 110 million euro fine against Becchetti will be paid

Economy expert, Zef Preçi, has made a long analysis regarding the “Bechetti” case, focusing also on the final decision of the World Bank Arbitration, which upheld the decision on compensation of 108 million euros to the Italian entrepreneur Francesco Bechetti and the non-acceptance of request of the Albanian government.

In his analysis, Preçi, while emphasizing the reasons, clarifies that Albania cannot denounce the Court of Arbitration and that, according to him, the 110 million euro fine against Bechetti will be paid by the Albanian government.

April 11, 2023

Corruption and business climate, five chambers of commerce require reform
The head of the Albanian Center for Economic Research, Zef Preçi, says that the business climate in the country has deteriorated during the last decade and this is widely accepted by economic experts, especially in the part related to corruption, institutions, laws, and market regulation. And ensuring competition. Corruption remains, according to him, the common denominator of the statement of the five Chambers of Commerce, because it has reached many levels of the state.

April 13, 2023

Corrupt Practices Thrive in North Macedonia’s Murky Contracting Landscape

Zef Preci, Executive Director of the Albanian Center for Economic Research, clarified the methods of penetration used by big multinational companies in countries with weak institutions and high levels of corruption.

He explains that the latest one is usually called “strategic decision making” – considering national interest as the highest priority, but without neglecting the competition criteria and standards foreseen in the national legislation and international treaties about

April 18, 2023

Economists call Prime Minister Rama’s promise for “new salaries” “unrealistic”.
Zef Preçi, who heads the Albanian Center for Economic Research, a research institute, told BIRN: “The wage increase announced by Prime Minister Rama in recent weeks seems strange and unrealistic, if we consider the current difficult situation of the Albanian economy, with very modest economic growth, high inflation due to rising prices and a lack of reliable production.”

April 20, 2023

Klan News – “Wage increase, not at the right time”
According to the economic expert Zef Preçi, the salary increase in the public sector was not done at the right time, and is even expected to bring more problems than it will boost the growth of the country’s economy. According to him, this will encourage employees to aim for employment in the public sector, leaving the private sector

April 21, 2023

SCANNER – “Electricity exchange, incomplete”, Zef Preçi

Private sector energy companies are skeptical about listing on the stock exchange, also due to the start of operations at a time when the state of emergency measures in the electricity supply are applied in the country.

In order to create a complete energy exchange, the expert says that it is necessary to take as a basis

March 30, 2023

Businesses with criminal records benefit from public wealth” – Expert Zef Preçi: Initiatives for fiscal amnesty and the legalization of cannabis gave heart to organized crime segments
Zef Preçi, a well-known economic expert, appeals for the punishment of big corruption, which according to him includes high officials and business clients of the government. Mr. Preçi for the newspaper “Panorama” appeals for independent justice as the high level of corruption in the country is ruining the lives of Albanians. In such a situation, he emphasizes the supervision of legality, but notes with concern that the government has avoided the Assembly as the institution that represents the sovereign.

March 29, 2023

“For two years the average salary is €900″, Preçi: Strong electoral effort to attract the poorest”. 

Any measure that contributes to the improvement of the standard of living of the citizens should be welcomed. in all the economic theories of the last 200 years, it shows that the salary increase comes only when the work efficiency increases and at the same time, based on our legislation, changes in fiscal policies should only happen when the budget for the following year is approved.

March 28, 2023

Eskperti Preçi: Incentive policies for education are needed as a prerequisite for increasing labor productivity.

In an interview for gazetasi.al, the economic expert Mr. Zef Preçi scans the Albanian economy and lists where the government should focus to improve the current economic model by encouraging and favoring local production. According to him, a special focus should be given to education as a prerequisite for promoting work productivity.

According to him, the world is in a difficult economic situation, a situation which undoubtedly affects the local

March 25, 2023

How Albania Became a Target for Cyberattacks

“Domestic law enforcement agencies in Albania…have viewed the FBI in this case as institutionally weak, politically exploitable, and even suspected of involvement in corrupt affairs and influence, trafficking for the benefit of powerful individuals in third countries,” said Zef Preci, director of the Center for Economic Research, a nongovernmental organization in Albania.

March 24, 2023

A2 Business from Aurora Sulçe

During the last decade since the abandonment of the flat tax of 10% which has played an important role in the fight against informality and the establishment of a scaled system, we continue to suffer the consequences, among which is the impossibility or the modest achievements which they do not even justify the investments made in reducing the informal sector of the economy.

March 24, 2023

Experts: The administration is profiting from unregistered properties

The economist Zef Preçi, asked by “Sinjalizo”, about the economic damage caused to the state by not using these properties, says that: “Not only the properties that are not registered but also those that are registered continue to cause income missing from the budget due to the lack of documentation, lack of registers, etc.”

Among other things, Mr. Preci says that the lack of registration of public assets serves as an encouragement for their usurpation and as food for the corrupt part of the administration to “appoint” owners in these objects. “It means that the process of legalization extended to them continues to not be encouraged for this reason and that certain officials,

March 16, 2023

Former owners in protest: “The coast is being sold to strategic investors”

“It is a well-known fact that only Albania, Kosovo and Croatia have had a similar legal framework according to which the state can take the land from an owner and this land in the name of public interests, the state transfers it to the ownership of strategic investors” , explains economic expert Zef Preçi.

He continues that the land law of July 1991 is in force at a time when a government decision has suspended the process of providing legal owners with ownership certificates or the process of returning and compensating properties in those areas where the government has provided a map of that will be given to some investors, mainly government clients.

March 13, 2023

SYNTHESIS – How to get out of the global inflation crisis?

“In my fundamental assessment are the developments in our national economy, as it is known that the blows this economy has received in terms of supply, I’m talking about the main agricultural and livestock products, has fueled the inflationary trend that preceded the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Meanwhile, this crisis with the consequences it brought to the energy sector affected inputs and this type of combination of internal and external circumstances brought about this situation where inflation is now considered permanent, not temporary.”, said economy expert Mr. Zef Preçi.

March 5, 2023

The expensive Vlora airport shares are sold for a minimum price

The economic expert, Zef Preçi, says that the concession contract for Vlora airport puts the Albanian government in an inferior position, as it guarantees the investor income even when it does not carry passenger traffic.

Preçi also sees with suspicion the sale of shares of minimal value by the Turkish company, practices that according to him are not rare in the history of Albanian concessions.

March 3, 2023

“Working under table”, informality keeps employees poorly paid and insecure 

In a short interview about informal work in Albania from Citizens Chanel, economic expert, Zef Preçi says about two categories in which informality is higher.

“Where the possibilities of the institutions to supervise and to monitor are smaller, and where entrepreneurs have contacts mainly with taxes Institutions and various inspections, which means that they are the result of corruption in these institutions,  or their tolerance”, says Preci for Citizens Chanel.

He further analyzes that in countries where there are large concentrations of employees, there are opportunities for more evasion.

March 2, 2023

The European proposal accelerates Kosovo’s entry into the Open Balkans

When it comes to regional initiatives, the Director of the Albanian Center for Economic Research, Zef Preci, gives priority to the Berlin process, which, he says, has the opportunity to initiate mechanisms that would bring the countries of the region closer together, which, according to him, this is not the case with the Open Balkans.

March 1, 2023

The show ‘Eko Fax’ by Mirilda Tili – Business climate before the campaign, Part Two

I think there are several points of view: first, I see the government’s concern for old buildings as correct, but if they were really motivated by the public interest, they would focus on revising dams, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals, theaters, etc. . This starts in essence more than the superficial public interest has the interests of the oligarchy for the parts

February  23, 2023

The “overthrow” of the awards board, an expected decision – Zef Preçi: The Constitutional Court must act in the same way as other boards

The unconstitutional declaration of the food transparency board, for the experts and politicians who sued it, is an expected decision.

Expert Zef Preçi says that now the Constitutional Court should also act with other boards, which he calls an intervention of the state in the economy, just like in the communist regime.

February  23, 2023

Klan News – “Boards do not protect consumers”

According to expert Zef Preçi, the overthrow of the normative act by the Constitutional Court for the approval of food prices is a good omen for consumers, but also for competition in the market.

“The board has practically been an anti-competitive behavior, it means that fixing the price regardless of the motive or dividing the markets are illegal and basically it has to do with the intervention of the state in the market. This decision of the Constitutional Court brings exactly the behavior of economic operators in the market back to the standards of the law.”

February  22, 2023

A2 Business by Aurora Sulçe

Zef Preçi invited on the A2 Business television programme held by Aurora Sulçe to talk about Albanian’s depts and the reason for their increase in the last couple of years.

February  15, 2023

Flats/ Preçi: You don’t have to measure all the layers with one meter! Increase the tax on second homes. Lame’s exit for legalization, campaign

The head of Cadastre, Artan Lame, proposed yesterday the reduction in the tax on the sale of housing, which is currently 15%, which automatically removes the repeated processes of property revaluation. Speaking on this issue on MCN Live, economic expert Zef Preçi said that the revaluation is a form of amnesty, noting that the sector has a scandalous fiscal evasion. Preçi said that the tax for the owners of a real estate is relatively high for the level of income in Albania, and the reduction of the tax would be desirable. However, he is of the opinion that second and third home owners should pay more.

February  13, 2023

The victims of the Earthquake are not victims of fate, but of government corruption

In today’s world, it is widely accepted that powerful earthquakes kill people, but they are more deadly in those countries where regulations and building codes are not enforced, where institutions are filled with mediocre party members and unqualified for the positions they hold, where the institutions of independent state institutions are politicized or do not exist at all, where civil society organizations have left their role for the benefit of the public interest.

February  10, 2023

Fiscal amnesty, will you transfer your money to Albania?

Prime Minister Rama invites the Albanians of disaspora to declare the assets and money saved in emigration. Invited to the studio of journalist Robert Goro is Dr. Zef Preçi, director of the Albanian Center for Economic Studies.

January  29, 2023

Exclusive – Extortion by phone

A large number of people involved in these criminal activities (Call Centers) within the country have been forced by their employers to register in the national business center as financial analysts, the scheme is very well thought out in such a way that if someone manages to identify them then they are not with the responsibility of the company that received the money, but it is forwarded to the employee, who is neither a shareholder, nor a decision-maker, nor the owner of the databases.

January  26, 2023

Prof. Zef Preçi: De-oligarization as the need of the hour

Since 2001, the Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI) network, in which the Albanian Center for Economic Research that I lead is a member from Albania, has used the Corruption Monitoring System (CMS) to analyze and monitor levels of corruption in each country. CMS is a methodology developed by the Center for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria) and is recognized by the UN as one of the best systems for monitoring corruption. This methodology allows comparability of data between countries and records the current level and trends of direct involvement in administrative corruption, as well as public attitudes, assessments and expectations regarding corruption.

January  26, 2023

De-oligarization as the need of the hour

Our previous and current empirical research both in the framework of SELDI and R2G4P lead to the conclusion that in the Albanian economy, state capture has significantly distorted the reform processes in the economy, while the atrophy of the regulatory structures of the markets has enabled the creation and preservation of monopolistic or oligopolistic structures, domestic and foreign, also supported by the leading political elite for powerful electoral and financial interests.

January  26, 2023

Zef Preçi on Panorma Online expressing his opinion in regards to reopening of gambling and beer excise.

Zef Preçi: The reopening of gambling is an investment for the money of corruption. Beer excise, the government’s justification for EU membership

January  25, 2023

Beer excise tax, the government’s justification for EU membership

Preçi: The reopening of gambling has nothing to do with the citizen! The state is seeing opportunities to invest corruption money

Economy expert Zef Preçi has commented on Panorama TV about the government’s decision to impose an excise tax on beer from January 1, saying that such a thing should only happen when certain standards have been reached.

January  19, 2023

The price of fuel increases, Preçi: the Board has not fulfilled its role

Price fluctuations in the wholesale and retail fuel markets are a phenomenon as old as their production, the same thing has been happening for 200 years. Special countries, including Albania, have for more than 30 years built a legal framework that takes this factor into consideration, and the consideration is: safety reserve.

January  18, 2023

New facts about incinerators/ Economic expert: SPAK does not act because it has one eye on the government

Economic expert Zef Preçi declares that SPAK has all the space to deepen the investigations for the incinerators, after the emergence of new facts of the theft, and to bring those responsible to justice.

January  18, 2023

Hydrocarbons, Preçi: There are no policies that encourage oil production in the country!

The creation of mechanisms such as the transparency board has created a situation where lobbyists, businessmen, oligarchs are placed on the side of the government and these have contributed to increasing the government’s income while impoverishing the citizens.

January  14, 2023

Tourism in Illegality

Informality remains as a means of survival in a large number of businesses, especially in small businesses, family businesses because in a broad sense tourism is a service but a complex one.

January  10, 2023

500 thousand euros, SPAK sits and watches

Zef Preçi’s opinion on recent events about Klosi’s scandal and what is hidden behind it.

January  10, 2023

Economy expert Zef Preçi speaks for Fax News

Impenetrability must end, HIDAACI should publish the assets of Klosi. This event highlighted the corruption in every cell. This event has sparked fierce debates in the public.

January  5, 2023

Big package, Zef Preçi: Juggling solution, “gift of the party” before the elections. The government collected 520 million USD, the expert: the

Zef Preçi sees the government’s “big package” as a juggling act that was offered as a “party gift” on the eve of the May 15 local elections. “Misery does not want mercy. It only wants justice!”.

January  2, 2023

What were the events that shook the economy in 2022?

Detailed analysis under the lens of experts, predictions for 2023.


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