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Civil Society for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe: Capacity Building for Evidence-Based Advocacy, Policy Impact and Citizen Engagement (SELDI.net)

This project has been prepared by the SELDI Network on the basis of findings of the external evaluation of the current SELDI phase for the period 2018-2020 and the Report from the Result Oriented Monitoring (ROM) mission carried out in 2021. It presents a consolidation and upgrade of the previous SELDI efforts and activities in the Western Balkans. Moreover, in the first months of 2022 SELDI.net held several regional meetings and design-thinking workshops where regional and EU policy makers, the members of SELDI and other regional networks discussed lessons learnt and horizon scanning in terms of what could CSOs do next on political and judicial corruption and the further democratization of the Western Balkan countries. SELDI held exchange of views and consultative meetings with RAI, RCC, and bilateral donors to the Western Balkans (SIDA, USAID, Norway Grants) and stayed on top of global anti-corruption developments through discussions at UNCAC’s Ninth Session of the Conference of the State of Parties and the US-led Summit for Democracy’s CSO anti-corruption group. In line with evaluation findings, the Steering Committee decided to decrease the number of co-applicant consortium members (to one organisation per country) for this call but strengthen grassroots and citizens engagement, capacity building and mentoring. Respectively, SELDI welcomed new co-applicants from Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99) and Montenegro, who specialise specifically in anti-corruption and the grassroots, thus increasing the SELDI community.

Objective of the Action is in line with the Call requirements and SELDI strategy: “Strengthen participatory democracy and the EU approximation process through consolidating and enhancing the impact of civil society engagement in the policy making and reform processes in the Western Balkan region in the area of anti-corruption, the rule of law and good governance”. These will be realized through the achievement of the:


  1. Strengthened CSO’s capacities and engagement opportunities for enhanced regional cooperation, at national and grassroots level, in anti-corruption policy and decision making;
  2. Encouraged and mobilized citizens’ engagement and grassroots activism to peacefully pressure governments for continued anti-corruption reforms;
  3. Established professional working dialogue with policy makers at national, regional, and EU level. Achieved policy reforms and societal innovation in the area of anti-corruption through evidence-based advocacy, policy engagement and awareness raising;
  4. Improved outreach by enhanced use of social media;
  5. Identified and leveraged tipping points for tackling common challenges in the field of anti-corruption prevention and prosecution by calling leaders and institutions to account and monitoring corruption victimization and state capture vulnerabilities;
  6. Intensified regional CSOs cooperation, dialogue and synergies across thematic networks for achieving a more holistic impact on political and judicial corruption in the region.
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