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ACER held a workshop on December 4th 2023 where the findings of Corruption Monitoring System, a methodology designed and implemented in the framework of the SELDI project, were presented.

In 2023, the seventh round of the Corruption Monitoring System in Southeast Europe was conducted. SELDI’s partner, the Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) undertook a national survey at the beginning of 2023 with 1015 respondents across the country, which tracked citizens’ experiences with the pressure of corruption and involvement in it (victimisation), as well as their perceptions on the level of corruption and anti-corruption efforts. This study is based on the same methodology (developed by CSD) and was conducted in 2001, 2002, 2014, 2016, 2019, 2021 and now in 2023, providing specific analysis of the collected data. The purpose of the Corruption Monitoring System is to track the pressure of corruption, the involvement of citizens in corruption, and their perceptions of the level of corruption in the country. It also measures the capacity and ability of the Albanian authorities to tackle the problem effectively. The results from the Corruption Monitoring System highlight both positive and negative developments in the country. In addition, they also provide important information on how the problem can be effectively addressed in Albania.

Workshop Documents:

Workshop Agenda 

Workshop Concept Note 

Workshop Invitation


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Media presence

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