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This research report is prepared by Albanian Center for Economic Research(ACER) in the framework of Education Program in Albania led by Mary Ward Loreto Foundation.

This research report presents a complete overview of issues in Albanian education at all high levels, from preschool to higher education. The report explores the perceptions of teachers, parents and knowledge on unethical actions in terms of severity and frequency and notes their reports, providing the basis to find out how the main actors in education perceive the constructs of each group in relation to some things. common. The study also explores the institutional biases and studies that can lead to the development of unethical structures and recommended for their improvement, which should make an ethical basis for the education of education that will shape future generations.


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English:  Ethics-in-the-education-system-in-albania

Albanian: Raport-Studimi-Etika-në-Sistemin-Arsimor-në-Shqipëri

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