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Increased government accountability through a more responsive parliament

Funded by the British Embassy Tirana

About the project

Increased government accountability through a more responsive parliament project is funded by the British Embassy in Tirana and supported by the Westminister Foundation for Democracy. he goal of the project is to support the parliament to effectively exercises its roles to challenge corruption, undue influence, and political interference in democratic processes. The main pillars of the project are:

  • Increasing capacities, systems and resources of parliament to conduct effective law- making around priority legislative areas to combat corruption.
  • Improving effective oversight by responsible parliamentary working bodies.
  • Parliament and independent institutions more effectively share and act on information and recommendations.
  • Improving engagement of Parliament with external stakeholders – Civil Society and line ministries on legislative, oversight and reforms.

In the framework of implementing this programme, WFD has partnered with the Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) as a sub-grantee to assist parliament, independent institutions and civil society in developing corruption-proofing methodology for key legislation especially those related to economic and financial sectors. Based on the 2023 parliament agenda, the centre will identify key legal amendments that are especially relevant to the public interest, need to be publicly discussed and addressed by civil society. It will engage academic experts to provide relevant research and evidence on identified pieces of legislation. The research will be provided to other CSOs to support their advocacy efforts, and it will be submitted to the relevant parliamentary committees to influence their decision-making. In addition, media will be used to amplify some of the most important findings.


Events in the framework of the project

Roundtable held on 11th of July 2023 about Increasing the oversight role of the Parliament in corruption proofing, at Rogner Hotel Tirana. The table brought together policy-makers, academics, representatives of the media and civil society, where possible ways for improving the activity of the Albanian Legislature through corruption- proofing and identification of possible interventions in the regulatory acts of institution for closing the paths of this phenomenon in the legislative process were discussed. For more information about the RoundTable click here.

Publications in the framework of the project


Blue Paper on Asset Recovery – Albanian

Blue Paper on Asset Recovery – English

Blue Paper on Public Procurement – Albanian 

Blue Paper on Public Procurement – English

Leaflet on Asset Recovery – Albanian

Leaflet on Asset Recovery – English 

Leaflet on Public Procurement – Albanian

Leaflet on Public Procurement – English