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Promoting Collaboration Between Civil Society Actors in the Fight Against Corruption

Western Balkan Fund (WBF)

December 2022-May 2023

About the project 


Promoting Collaboration Between Civil Society Actors in the Fight Against Corruption


Lead Applicant – Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER)

With the support of the Western Balkan Fund (WBF), the Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) as lead partner, together with the Institute for Corruption Research (KAREYA, Pancevo, in Serbia (Smederevo), and the Organization for Democracy , Anti-corruption and Dignity – “COHU”, in Kosovo (Lipjan), have undertaken the project entitled: “Promoting Collaboration Between Civil Society Actors in the Fight Against Corruption (CN 2021/424879)).

Currently for this project, an anti-corruption survey is being carried out on the basis of a special questionnaire, through which information is being gathered about issues such as: the causes and extent of corruption at the local level; the assessment of the provision of key public services such as education and health service, the general perception of citizens on the trends of corruption during the last three years, as well as some of their recommendations for improving the situation in the selected municipalities.

Civil society organizations participating in this project believe that building integrity in public institutions such as local government is an essential aspect of building a culture of legality throughout society. They hope that this project will be a good opportunity to exchange knowledge and encourage discussion on the topic of institutional integrity within the community of municipalities where it is being implemented to increase the effectiveness of regional cooperation for a successful fight against corruption.

The project contributes to enhance the impact of civil society in improving public awareness and social activism through evidence-based advocacy, watchdog and policy monitoring, and dialogue with the local Governments in the area of good governance and anti-corruption. Furthermore, to strengthen CSOs’ capacities for structured civil society dialogue and outreach through networking and regional cooperatioon.

The project lasts 6 months and will end on 31.05.2023

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