Legitimacy, accountability, transparency and concerted action are the guiding principles of ACER.

ACER is led by an Advisory Board, extraordinary individuals acting as guardians of the mission and values ​​of this center. They also oversee the work done in promoting the free market values. 
Advisory Board
The Advisory Board formulates and promotes the research policy of the center; discusses and supports the ACER Executive Director and expert team issues; recommends the founders candidates for the election of the Director of the Center. The Advisory Board discusses and gives opinions on the decision-making of the adoption of statute and general acts. The founders in their meetings approve decisions with most members. The Advisory Board consists of distinguished scholars from the business world, the academy and civil society with well-known experiences and contributions to the reform processes of the Albanian economy. In their work on the Board, members do not represent any personal or professional interest.
The members of the ACER Advisory Board are: 
· Naim Hasa, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Researcher of Social Policies
· Dr. Shkelzen Marku, a member of the Advisory Board, Researcher in Development Policy
· Ilir Ciko, Harvard University degree graduate MpA, member of the Advisory Board, Researcher in Trade and Investment Policy
· Prof. Anilda Bozdo, member of the Advisory Board, Research in Financial and Banking Policies
· Luan Shahollari, a former member of the Albanian Parliament, economist retired. 
Executive Director 
The Director organizes and manages the work and activities of the Center, serves as a representative of ACER, carries out all legal actions on behalf of the institution, applies decisions of the Advisory Board and is responsible for the legality of the work. The Director approves all ACER general acts based on the Statute and is responsible for their implementation. In addition, the Director informs the Advisory Board on the annual and periodic activities undertaken by ACER and makes decisions on specific issues of ACER’s operational activities such as, starting and ending the recruitment of research staff. 
The director of the Institute is appointed and dismissed by the founders of the center and in case the replacement should be the chosen person with a scientific profession.The current Executive Director of ACER is Dr. Zef Preci, who was confirmed by the founders of the center on 7 June 2005 with an unlimited mandate.