The Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) is the first non-profit and non-governmental Albanian organization established in 1992. ACER is committed to promoting and accelerating transition to Albania’s socio-economic development. ACER’s philosophy is building bridges between scholars, politicians and public opinion, and fostering dialogue in the interest of an accelerated process of reform, economic development and prosperity.

The rich experience of the Albanian Center for Economic Research, through the various developments of the country since 1992, has shaped its institutional personality. It is today an interdisciplinary public policy institute with a solid reputation for its credible research data and independent professional analysis of the main aspects of Albania’s transition to democracy and market economy.

Multi-disciplinary expertise and comprehensive staff of the Albanian Center for Economic Research allow the implementation of research studies, surveys and training activities appropriate to a wide range of needs by assessing the socio-economic developments of the country. Since 1994, ACER is officially the publisher of quarterly magazine “Albanian Socio-Economic Review” (in Albanian), and to date more than 400 articles on economic, social, legal and other areas of politics, etc., written by academics, senior economists, bankers, etc. are published in it.