Other publications

  Baseline Research on the Situation of Women Leaders at the Local Level–fundedbyUNIFEM(2010).

·         Women & Elections:Local & International“BestPractices”Use “Accessing   Information   around   Women   and   Elections  –monitoring&Advocacy–fundedbyUNIFEM(2009).

·         Development of the National Strategic Policy Documenton Ageing & Respective Budgeted Action-Planin Albania(2008)a UNFPAfoundedproject.

·         Preparation of the Manual for the Prevention of Conflict of interest in Public Procurement, fundedbyUSAID(2009).

·         From the Ground Up:Improving Government Performance with Independent  Monitoring  Organizations  (chapter  on   Albania). Resultsfor DevelopmentInstitute/BrookingsInstitution(2010).

·         Waste  Management  Plan  of  Balldren  Commune, in Albanian language (2009).

·         Methodological   Guideline   for   a   Participatory   Local Development ,in Albanian language(2009).

·         NHDR Albania 2008–Capacity Building for EU integration, a UNDP funded project(2008).

·         Toolkit for Management of Environmental Concerns at Local Level, under the project withthe same title,funded     by        OSCE, Tirana.

·         Monitoring of the Public Administration Attitude towards the Ombudsman’s Recommendations,published by ACER (In Albanian and English), funded by USAID (2007).

·         The Citizens’Complaints on Judicial Inspection:Increasing Transparency and Accountability of the Judiciary Toward thePublic,co-publishedby ACER,fundedby USAID(2007).

·         Common Country Assessment:Albania(2002),fundedby UNDP.

·         A Methodology for Planning Multi-Sectoral Strategic Development at Municipal Level in Kosovo, funded byKFOS and theMinistryofLocalGovernment Administration,Republicof Kosova.